Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Odd Juxtaposition

This is another acrylic on a sheet of 48" x 24" masonite. It is entitled "Silver Screw in the Upper Left-hand Corner", and was painted in October of 2006.
For this assignment I was studying the effects of two related spaces juxtaposed on the same support. It can be viewed horizontally or vertically. I like the contrasting moods of the two places; the one on the left feels barren, and almost threatening. There are only 2 hints of life, the partially open door and the abandoned roll of toilet paper. To enter the brightly lit room, one must walk through the door on the right. However they are then surprised when gravity overtakes them and they immediately drop out of the window and off the picture plane, due to a lack of a floor in the 2nd painting.

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